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Зарубежные журналы 
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Зарубежные журналы, полные тексты которых доступны читателям ГПНТБ СО РАН в 2005 году
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APSBlackwellElsevierInstitute of PhysicsRSCSpringerWorld Scientific
Abdominal ImagingSpringer
Accounting and FinanceBlackwell
Accounting, Management and Information TechnologiesElsevier
Accreditation and Quality Assurance: Journal for Quality,
  Comparability and Reliability in Chemical Measurement
Acta Anaesthesiologica ScandinavicaBlackwell
Acta Applicandae Mathematicae: An International Survey Journal
  on Applying Mathematics and Mathematical Applications
Acta ArchaeologicaBlackwell
Acta Biochimica et Biophysica SinicaBlackwell
Acta BiotheoreticaSpringer
Acta Crystallographica Section ABlackwell
Acta Crystallographica Section BBlackwell
Acta Crystallographica Section CBlackwell
Acta Crystallographica Section DBlackwell
Acta Crystallographica Section FBlackwell
Acta DiabetologicaSpringer
Acta ethologicaSpringer
Acta HistochemicaElsevier
Acta InformaticaSpringer
Acta Juridica HungaricaSpringer
Acta Linguistica HungaricaSpringer
Acta MaterialiaElsevier
Acta Mathematica HungaricaSpringer
Acta Mathematica SinicaSpringer
Acta Mathematicae Applicatae Sinica (English Series)Springer
Acta Mechanica SinicaSpringer
Acta Mechanica Solida SinicaSpringer
Acta MechanicaSpringer
Acta NeurochirurgicaSpringer
Acta Neurologica ScandinavicaBlackwell
Acta NeuropathologicaSpringer
Acta NeuropsychiatricaBlackwell
Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica ScandinavicaBlackwell
Acta Ophthalmologica ScandinavicaBlackwell
Acta Pharmacologica SinicaBlackwell
Acta Physiologica ScandinavicaBlackwell
Acta Psychiatrica ScandinavicaBlackwell
Acta ZoologicaBlackwell
Administration and Policy in Mental HealthSpringer
Advanced Composite MaterialsSpringer
Advanced Performance MaterialsSpringer
Advanced Powder TechnologySpringer
Advanced RoboticsSpringer
Advances in Colloid and Interface ScienceElsevier
Advances in Complex Systems (acs)WSP
Advances in Computational MathematicsSpringer
Advances in ContraceptionSpringer
Advances in Environmental ResearchElsevier
Advances in Health Sciences EducationSpringer
Advances in MathematicsElsevier
Advances in Space ResearchElsevier
Aequationes MathematicaeSpringer
Aesthetic Plastic SurgerySpringer
Africa ConfidentialBlackwell
Africa Research Bulletin: Economic, Financial and Technical SeriesBlackwell
Africa Research Bulletin: Political, Social and Cultural SeriesBlackwell
African and Asian StudiesSpringer
African Archaeological ReviewSpringer
African Development ReviewBlackwell
African Journal of EcologyBlackwell
Aging CellBlackwell
Agricultural and Forest EntomologyBlackwell
Agricultural EconomicsBlackwell
Agricultural EconomicsElsevier
Agricultural Water ManagementElsevier
Agriculture and Human ValuesSpringer
Agroforestry SystemsSpringer
AI & SocietySpringer
AIDS and BehaviorSpringer
Algebra and LogicSpringer
Algebra Colloquium (ac)WSP
Algebra ColloquiumSpringer
Algebra UniversalisSpringer
Algebras and Representation TheorySpringer
Alimentary Pharmacology and TherapeuticsBlackwell
Allergology InternationalBlackwell
Allgemeines Statistisches ArhivSpringer
Ambulatory SurgeryElsevier
American Business Law JournalBlackwell
American Heart JournalElsevier
American Journal of Agricultural EconomicsBlackwell
American Journal of Community PsychologySpringer
American Journal of Dance TherapySpringer
American Journal of HypertensionElsevier
American Journal of Political ScienceBlackwell
American Journal of Reproductive ImmunologyBlackwell
American Journal of TransplantationBlackwell
Amino AcidsSpringer
Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal ProcessingSpringer
Analyses of Social Issues and Public PolicyBlackwell
Analysis and Applications (aa)WSP
Analysis in Theory and ApplicationsSpringer
Analysis MathematicaSpringer
Analytica Chimica ActaElsevier
Analytical AbstractsRSC
Analytical and Bioanalytical ChemistrySpringer
Analytical CommunicationsRSC
Anatomia, Histologia, EmbryologiaBlackwell
Anatomical Science InternationalBlackwell
Anatomy and EmbryologySpringer
Ancient Civilizations from Scythia to SiberiaSpringer
Animal Biology (formerly Netherlands Journal of Zoology)Springer
Animal CognitionSpringer
Animal Feed Science and TechnologyElsevier
Animal GeneticsBlackwell
Animal Reproduction ScienceElsevier
Animal Science JournalBlackwell
Annales GeophysicaeSpringer
Annales Henri PoincareSpringer
Annali di Matematica Pura ed ApplicataSpringer
Annals of Applied BiologyBlackwell
Annals of Biomedical EngineeringSpringer
Annals of Clinical PsychiatrySpringer
Annals of CombinatoricsSpringer
Annals of Diagnostic Paediatric PathologySpringer
Annals of FinanceSpringer
Annals of Global Analysis and GeometrySpringer
Annals of HematologySpringer
Annals of Human GeneticsBlackwell
Annals of Mathematics and Artificial IntelligenceSpringer
Annals of Noninvasive ElectrocardiologyBlackwell
Annals of Nuclear EnergyElsevier
Annals of OncologySpringer
Annals of Operations ResearchSpringer
Annals of PhysicsElsevier
Annals of Public and Cooperative EconomicsBlackwell
Annals of Pure and Applied LogicElsevier
Annals of Software EngineeringSpringer
Annals of Surgical OncologySpringer
Annals of the Association of American GeographersBlackwell
Annals of the ICRPElsevier
Annals of the Institute of Statistical MathematicsSpringer
Annals of Vascular SurgerySpringer
Annual Bulletin of Historical LiteratureBlackwell
Annual Reports - Section ARSC
Annual Reports - Section BRSC
Annual Reports - Section CRSC
Anthropology TodayBlackwell
Antiviral ResearchElsevier
Antonie van LeeuwenhoekSpringer
ANZ Journal of SurgeryBlackwell
Anzeiger fuer Scha"dlingskundeSpringer
APLAR Journal of RheumatologyBlackwell
Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication and ComputingSpringer
Applications of MathematicsSpringer
Applied AcousticsElsevier
Applied Biochemistry and MicrobiologySpringer
Applied Catalysis A: GeneralElsevier
Applied Catalysis B: EnvironmentalElsevier
Applied Categorical StructuresSpringer
Applied Clay ScienceElsevier
Applied Composite MaterialsSpringer
Applied GeochemistryElsevier
Applied HerpetologySpringer
Applied IntelligenceSpringer
Applied Mathematical ModellingElsevier
Applied Mathematics and ComputationElsevier
Applied Mathematics and MechanicsSpringer
Applied Mathematics and OptimizationSpringer
Applied Microbiology and BiotechnologySpringer
Applied Numerical MathematicsElsevier
Applied Physics A: Materials Science & ProcessingSpringer
Applied Physics B: Lasers and OpticsSpringer
Applied PsychologyBlackwell
Applied Psychophysiology and BiofeedbackSpringer
Applied Radiation and IsotopesElsevier
Applied Scientific ResearchSpringer
Applied Soil EcologyElsevier
Applied Surface ScienceElsevier
Approximation Theory and its ApplicationsSpringer
Aquaculture InternationalSpringer
Aquaculture NutritionBlackwell
Aquaculture ResearchBlackwell
Aquarium Sciences and ConservationSpringer
Aquatic BotanyElsevier
Aquatic EcologySpringer
Aquatic GeochemistrySpringer
Aquatic Sciences - Research Across BoundariesSpringer
Aquatic ToxicologyElsevier
Arab Law QuarterlySpringer
Arabian Archaeology and EpigraphyBlackwell
Archiv der MathematikSpringer
Archival ScienceSpringer
Archive for History of Exact SciencesSpringer
Archive for Mathematical LogicSpringer
Archive for Rational Mechanics and AnalysisSpringer
Archive of Applied Mechanics (Ingenieur Archiv)Springer
Archives and Museum InformaticsSpringer
Archives of Biochemistry and BiophysicsElsevier
Archives of Dermatological ResearchSpringer
Archives of Environmental Contamination and ToxicologySpringer
Archives of Gynecology and ObstetricsSpringer
Archives of MicrobiologySpringer
Archives of Orthopaedic and Trauma SurgerySpringer
Archives of Sexual BehaviorSpringer
Archives of Suicide ResearchSpringer
Archives of ToxicologySpringer
Archives of VirologySpringer
Archives of Women's Mental HealthSpringer
ARI - An International Journal for Physical and Engineering SciencesSpringer
Art HistoryBlackwell
Artificial Intelligence and LawSpringer
Artificial Intelligence ReviewSpringer
Artificial IntelligenceElsevier
Artificial Life and RoboticsSpringer
Artificial OrgansBlackwell
Asia Europe JournalSpringer
Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical OncologyBlackwell
Asia Pacific Journal of ManagementSpringer
Asia Pacific Journal on Human Rights and the LawSpringer
Asia Pacific ViewpointBlackwell
Asia-Pacific Biotech News (apbn)WSP
Asia-Pacific Financial MarketsSpringer
Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research (apjor)WSP
Asian Case Research Journal (acrj)WSP
Asian Economic JournalBlackwell
Asian Journal of AndrologyBlackwell
Asian Journal of Social PsychologyBlackwell
Asian Journal of Social ScienceSpringer
Asian-Pacific Economic LiteratureBlackwell
Astronomy and Astrophysics ReviewSpringer
Astronomy and AstrophysicsSpringer
Astronomy?& GeophysicsBlackwell
Astroparticle PhysicsElsevier
Astrophysics and Space ScienceSpringer
Atlantic Economic JournalSpringer
Atomic EnergySpringer
Austral EcologyBlackwell
Australasian Journal of DermatologyBlackwell
Australasian Journal on AgeingBlackwell
Australasian PsychiatryBlackwell
Australasian RadiologyBlackwell
Australian & New Zealand Journal of StatisticsBlackwell
Australian and New Zealand Journal of PsychiatryBlackwell
Australian Economic History ReviewBlackwell
Australian Economic PapersBlackwell
Australian Journal of Earth SciencesBlackwell
Australian Journal of EntomologyBlackwell
Australian Journal of Politics & HistoryBlackwell
Australian Journal of Public AdministrationBlackwell
Australian Journal of Rural HealthBlackwell
Australian Occupational Therapy JournalBlackwell
Australian Social WorkBlackwell
Automated Software EngineeringSpringer
Automation and Remote ControlSpringer
Automation in ConstructionElsevier
Autonomic and Autacoid PharmacologyBlackwell
Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent SystemsSpringer
Autonomous RobotsSpringer

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