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 Nauka i Technika -- analytic center(
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 Community of Science
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 Educational Hotlists
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 Links to Scientific WWW Servers
 Natural Sciences -- Infoseek
 NISS Information Gateway
 On-line Reference Works
 P l a n e t E a r t h - Virtual Library (Science Rooms)
 Research Resources by Subject -- Toronto
 Science -- WebCrawler Select
 Science & Business -- New York Public Library
 Science in the Headlines -- Science Directory
 Science Reference & Information Service (SRIS) -- British Library
 Science World of Discovery
 Sciences Category Tree -- Nerd World
 Scientific, Educational Information & Analytical Materials
 Scientific Reference Sources -- resources for librarians
 Scientific Resources -- server of RAS
 UCSD Science & Engineering Library
 UIUC Scientific References
 Virtual Reference Sites - Science
 WorldWide Guide to Science
 WWW VL - Subject Catalogue
 Yahoo - Science

Journals in Science and about Science

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Collections | General Scientific Journals | Search of Contents
 Bibliographic Code Abbreviations
 Current Serials Received -- British Library Document Supply Centre
 Electronic Journals Database -- Science & Technology
 List of Electronic Journals -- Faxon
 Journals - Science -- Nerd World
 Faxon Guide to Serials Online
 NAUKA -- journals of IAPC "Nauka"
 Scholarly Journals Distributed via the WWW -- Uni Houston
    Individual General Scientific Editions
 Amateur Scientist
 ION Science
 Journal of Journals -- IAPC Nauka
 New Scientist
 Popular Science Magazine
 Scholarly Communications Project of VPI & SU
 ScienceDaily Magazine
 Science On-Line
 Scientific American
 Scientist to Scientist
 Search -- Australia & New Zealand
 UniScience News
 US National Academy of Sciences - Proceedings
    Contents of Journals (tables of contents)
 Academic Press Journals
 Current Contents -- Search Demo from GSFC
 Current Contents -- TOC Demo / University of Delaware
 Elsevier Science Tables of Contents (ESToC)
 HUM-MOLGEN Journal Preview
 InfoMag Service
 Majors Homepage - ToC
 Nature - Tables of Contents
 Periodicals Contents Index (PCI)
 Science On-Line -- Back Issues
 Scientific American -- ToC at TechExpo
 Springer-Verlag Journals Preview Service
 UnCoverWeb -- 17,000 multidisciplinary journals

Data Bases

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DB Collections | Universal DB
Branch DB | E-Print Archives
    DB Search (Collections)
 Biological Demo Database -- Cambridge Scientific Abstracts
 Databases at the National Agricultural Library
 Information Sources in Latvia -- Database Search -- Global Link to 1000's of Databases
 Molecular Biology - Genome Databases -- Yahoo
 Molecular Chemistry Databases -- Yahoo
 SEL-HPC Article Archive
 WebSPIRS Databases -- SilverPlatter
    Universal DB
 Alphabetical List of Databases -- Cambridge Scientific Abstracts
 EDINA - Edinburgh Data & INformation Access
 ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment & Evaluation
 Repository -- bibliography of Russian technology
 SRIS -- British Library
 UnCover -- bibliograpohy of articles
 WebSPIRS - Database Selection -- SilverPlatter
    Branch DB
(See also subsections in Branches)

 Agricola -- via AGIS gopher
 Entrez MEDLINE -- Search the Molecular Biology
 ERIC -- OCLC Demo
 Medline -- (
 Medline -- (Healthy.Net)
 Medline -- (muscat)
 Medline -- (muscat-compact)
 Medline Pro -- Australia
 NCBI PubMed -- Medline, etc.
 World Data Center System -- Earth Sciences
    E-Print Archives
 Preprint Bulletin Boards -- list of archives
 mathematics e-print server @ MSRI
 xxx e-print archive (Physics@LANL)
 xxx e-print archive mirror (France)
 xxx e-print archive mirror (Germany)
 SISSA preprint mirror (Italy)
 xxx e-print archive mirror (Korea)
 xxx e-print archive mirror (Russia-Moscow) -- @ITEP
 xxx e-print archive mirror (Taiwan)
 xxx e-print archive mirror (UK)
 xyz e-print archive (Nonlinear Science@LANL)

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