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 Ecola - Simple Search Page
 Find-It-Fast !
 Heavy Surf
 Interesting Web Sites That Support USE IT!
 Internet Search Tools -- Library of Congress
 Niche Resource Directory -- Search for search engines (CNET Inc.)
 Search Engine Selection Tool (SCOTT)
 Starting Points -- Larry Schankman
 Surf Point -- over 360 search engines
 TU Clausthal Homepages
 Virtual Search Engines -- over 1000 engines
 WWW's Mighty Search Engines
 WWW Search Engines Register -- Australian National University

Search Engines

 AAA Matilda -- Australia
 AltaVista -- Digital Equipment Corporation
 ArchiePlex -- ftp-search (NEXOR, Ltd.)
 Find-It -- Search tool for the net
 FTP search v3.3
 GNN Map -- Search Made Simple
 HotBot -- Hotwired Network (Powered by Inktomi™)
 iFind = Inference Find!
 Infoseek Guide
 Infoseek Ultraseek
 Lycos -- Lycos™, Inc.
 Net Search
 Netlink Searchable Server -- Washington & Lee Univ.
 OpenText -- Open Text Corporation
 PlanetSearch -- search Usenet groups
 Scout Toolkit
 TradeWave Galaxy
 Unified Computer Science TR Index
 USE IT! -- Unified Search Engine for InTernet
 Veronica -- gopher search
 WebCrawler -- America Online
 WWWW - WWW Worm -- Oliver McBryan (Uni Colorado)

Search by Page Reviews

 Excite -- Excite, Inc.
 Internet Magazine's Site Reviews
 Magellan -- The McKinley Group
 Net Reviews -- (
 Surf Point
 Wow! Web Wonders!

All-in-One Search

 All-in-One Search -- William Cross
 Internet Navigation Page
 Internet Sleuth -- Internet Business Connection ™
 Searching the Internet
 SearchMania -- (mirage)
 Search Mania -- (
 Starting Point
 Wired Source
 W3 Search Engines


 Highway 61 MetaCrawler -- Virtual Mirror
 Inference Find
 Johnes -- European Search engines
 MetaCrawler -- Eric Selberg and Oren Etzioni
 MetaCrawler -- (
 MotherLoad -- Cosmix Web Design
 SavvySearch -- Colorado State University

Search by Directories

 Argus Clearinghouse -- Argus Associates, Inc.
 Awesome List -- John Makulowich
 Berkeley Public Library's Index to the Internet
 BUBL Link
 CyberHound -- Gale Research
 Educational Hotlists
 Excite Reviews
 Galaxy -- TradeWave Corporation
 Global Online Directory
 Info Service
 Infoseek Ultrasmart
 Internet Directory
 Internet List (
 Internet Subject Index
 Library of Congress - Internet by Subect
 MetroLink - Resources
 Otis Index
 Prairienet Pages
 Scott List
 Scott Yanoff's List (Internet Services)
 Surf Point Directory -- LinkExchange, Inc.
 WebCrawler Select
 WWW Virtual Library: Subject Catalogue
 Yahoo! Search Options
 ZIA Resources

Search of Popular Sites

 100hot websites
 Virtual Online
 WebCrawler 100
 Web Now

Search of Addresses

( See also section Addresses in "Business" )

 Address Directory For The Politicians Of The World
 ESP - Email Search Program -- Mailbox Internet
 Four11 White Page Directory -- Four11 Corporation
 Kapitol - International Directories
 OKRA - NetCitizen Directory Service
 People Search -- Yahoo
 White Pages Services -- Yahoo Corporation
 World Wide Yellow Pages
 WWW Yellow Pages -- Macmillan Publishing USA
 Yellow Pages Project

Search of Homepages

 Ahoy! Homepage Finder
 Architext Querying
 WWW Homepages Harvest Broker

News Search

 AJR NewsLink
 Media UK Internet Directory
 Walking the WWW
 What's New
 What's New on the Internet
 What's New Too!

Images Search

 Clip Art Searcher
 GIF Wizard Search
 HotBot - Media Type
 Image Surfer - Yahoo
 Imageseek (Infoseek: Special Searches)
 Lycos: Pictures
 SPOT Image
 Surf Madison - File Libraries
 Virtual Search Engines: Images
 Virtual Web Cameras

Other Search Resources

 CID - Welcome
 FYI Online's Homepage
GOOGLIK - WebSearch -- search engine & web directory
 HighWire Press
 Information SuperLibrary
 Internet Resources for Institutional Research
 Internet Resources Metamap
 Internet Starting Points -- Global Link to 1000's of Databases
 LEO - Link Everything Online
 LookSmart - exploring LookSmart
 My Virtual Reference Desk
 RealName System -- Centraal Corporation
 SEVENtwentyfour Inc. Services -- Watching the Web for Links Web Site
 Virtual Sites Homepage
 WebStep top 100 -- gegistration of web-page
 WorldWide Net InterList
 WWW JumpStation
 Xplore Reference

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