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Organizations, Societies. -- registration of domains
 Internet Society
 RealName System -- search by real names

History of development.

 History of Internet -- chronology
 Brief History of the Internet -- Internet Society
 World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)


 GVU Center's WWW User Survey Homepage
 Internet Statistics

Reviews of Internet

 GVU's 1st WWW Survey Page -- Jan. 1994
 GVU's 2nd WWW Survey Page -- Oct. / Nov. 1994
 GVU's 3rd WWW Survey Page -- Apr. / May 1995
 GVU's 4th WWW Survey Page -- Oct. / Nov. 1995
 GVU's 5th WWW Survey Page -- Apr. / May 1996
 GVU's 6th WWW Survey Page -- Oct. / Nov. 1996
 GVU's 7th WWW Survey Page -- Apr. / May 1997
 GVU's 8th WWW Survey Page -- Oct. / Nov. 1997

Internet Technologies.

 CIT Forum -- server of information technologies

Computer Journals


 Computing McGraw-Hill
 Top 100 Computer Magazines
 Datapro Information Services

    Individual Journals

 BYTE Magazine
 Data Communications Magazine
 LAN Times Homepage
 LAN Times Homepage
 Lan - Data Mining
 Net Ware Connection - May 1996
 Osborne Web page
 Open Computing
 PlugIn Datamation
 PC Magazine on the Web
 PC Week
 Unix World Online Magazine
 Women in Computing Newsletter

Internet Journals

 AltaVista MarketSpace -- Webzine from
 Internet Resources Newsletter
 Internet World Online
 Learned Infonet
 On the Nets
 Search Insider
 WWW Journal (W3C)


 Yahoo Internet Life

Ratings & Awards

 Awesome Universal WebSite 500
 ExaminationTechnique Academy
 Eye on the Web (Top Sites - Archive)
 500 Best Web Sites (HomePC)
 Your WebScout - Index


 Computing Dictionary
 Dataphone - Tech - Internet Glossary
 DISA Glossary of DoD definitions & acronyms
 Glossary of Internet Terms
 Internet & Unix Dictionary
 Internet Glossary -- (c|net)
 Internet Users' Glossary -- gopher
 MDA Computing & Internet
 NetLingo -- Internet Language Dictionary
 NetGlos -- Multilingual Glossary of Internet Terminology
 New Hacker's Dictionary -- Jargon File Resources

Internet Guides

 Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet
 Extended Guide to the Internet
 Getting Started on the Internet
 Guide to Cyberspace 6.1 - Contents
 Guide to the World Wide Web -- ARLIS / NA
 Guides & Tutorials
 Internet Guides
 Internet Learner's Page -- Larry Schankman
 Internet Resources
 IT Directory --
 Learn the Net
 LEO - Learning the Internet
 Life on the Internet
 WebSearching Tutorial
 Webmaster's Guide to Search Engines & Directories
 Zen & the Art of the Internet


 Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies
 Electronic References & Scholarly Citations of Internet Sources
 "Information Superhighway" Bibliography -- Michael P. Sauers
 Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography

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