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(Planet weather see in the section Metheorology - Resources)

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 Astronomical Sky Calendar
 Calendar Conversions
 Festivals & Holidays
 Holidays Around the World --
 Holidays Calendar
 "J" World Dates Archive
 One-World Global Calendar
 Today's Calendar & Time
 What's Up? (in the Sky)
    World time
 Earth View -- World Day-Night Demarcation Map
 VIBE's World Map -- local time by tome zones
 WorldTime - Interactive Atlas
 How far is it?
    Telephone codes
 International codes index -- TatInCom
 AmeriCom Long Distance AREA DECODER
 Cartography Applet -- Java
 DeLorme Mapping - Maps in the News
 Design Map
 Earth & Moon Viewer
 Earth Sciences & Map Library
 GeoCities Homepage
 Geographic Name Server / Xerox Map Gateway
 GeoSystems Home
 Great Globe Gallery
 MapQuest - Interactive Atlas
 Maps of the World
 NetSurfing - Maps & References
 Pathfinder - Maps
 Poli 378 - Maps from Fondren Library
 PCL Map Collection
 Proximus Homepage
 Retireval of Country Maps
 USGS Mapping Information
 Virtual Tourist World Map
 World Atlas
 WWW VL - Cartography Resources - Commercial
 Xerox PARC Map Viewer -- (pubweb)
 Xerox PARC Map Viewer -- (mapweb)
 De Vexillis - Flags
 Flags of Nations of the World
 Flags of the World
 FOTW - Flags Of The World
 National Flags


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    E U R O P E
 Country Maps from W3 Servers in Europe
 EuroLink -- PanEuropean Web Index
 Europa Homepage -- European Union's Server
 European Homepage
 Europe Online
 Repertorium Bibliographicum
    A S I A
 Virtual Tourist - Asia
    A F R I C A
 Virtual Tourist - Africa
    A N T A R C T I C A
 Gateway to Antarctica - Homepage


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    U S A
      Search of information
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      USA statistics
    G e r m a n y
 BPA Home
 Deutsche Suchmaschinen -- metasearch through Germany
 Die Bundesregierung informiert / Facts about Germany
 Germany InterSearch
 GEIST -- information search through Germany
 Karte Deutscher WWW-Server
 Web.De --> Das deutsche Internet Verzeichnis
 WWW Services (Deutschland)
    G r e a t B r i t a i n
 UK Guide
 UK University Web Sites
 UK Sensitive Map - Academic
 Welcome to the BBC
 YELL, Yellow Pages UK
 Buckingham Palace
    F r a n c e
 La France
 French Links
 Ecila -- Internet Search Engine for French Resources
 Lokace - votre moteur de recherche francophone
 Paris-Anglophone on the Web
 Paris Bookmark -- Guides on Paris & France
 France -- Yahoo
 Swiss Online
    I t a l y
 Italian WWW Server Map
 MINERVA -- Italian law
    I z r a e l
 Israel Sensitive Map
 World Wide Web Server for Israel
 Israel -- Planet Earth
    C h i n a
 China Business Net Pages
 China Pages
 China Network
 Chinese Community Information Center
 Shanghai on Internet
    J a p a n
 Clickable W3 Map of Japan
 Map of Japan -- Xerox PARC Map Viewer
 Japanese Information
    N e w Z e a l a n d
 Country of New Zealand -- Planet Earth

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