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«If at any time Russian folk, - as YUrii Samarin wrote long time ago, - have broken themselves of the habit of being interested in their outlying districts, it would meant that they no longer like Russia as the whole. That very day would be the beginning of its disintegration  "Izvyestiya" RGO wrote in 1906 (Vol.42, book 2/3, P.521). Much has chahged since then, and at the end of the 20th century, they are interested in that, which occurs at russian outlying districts still much less than at the end of 19th one. Or they aren't interested at all, mix geography and prefer that is closer to.
There was time when Europe and the entire world watched curiously in that direction. Figaro and Messager de Bruxelles, The Daily Chronicle and New-York Herold own reporters worked here. At World Expo 1900 in Paris the pavilion of Russian outlying districts created a real furore. Organizers even cancelled free distribution of the brochure about Great Siberia Railway, since daily consumption reached 4 thousand copies, and started its sale for 50 santims a copy.
Among the first visitors of russian exhibition pavilion were Lube, the President of Republique Francais, and Milleran, trade and industry minister of France. With fair interest they examined maps and pictures, models and handicraft wares - hundreds of wonderful exhibits! The guests were overwhelmed by the Russia achivements in Siberia pioneering. The range of the changes being enforced made the striking effect on everybody: either "backbone ridge" of TransSib Railway, or vivid pace of resettlement, or new cities growth.
All of this took place in the past. Nowadays, nothing attracts the attention to Siberia and Far East but miners strikes, or Primoriye near the freezing point. The extent historical habit of the russian Eurasia development and pioneering put now somewhere aside. But this amnesia may be a bad trick in the course of geopolicy lay-out of the coming 21th century. History is the severe thing, with no excuse to the funds invested, or the pioneer lives taken, or the hopes broken for the blossom of the most richful land on earth...
The literature index presented accumulates bibliography information on the wide range of items of the asian Russia pioneering and development (Far East included) in the second half of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. The bibliography is not restricted by publication types, or retrospection, and is being regularly updated. Some deal of records is supplied by annotation and call numbers of central and siberian libraries.
Due to possible inaccuracy and misrepresentation, please direct your feedback and comments to the author of this index Kann Syergyey Konstantinovich. We would appreciate any information for bibliography improvement.


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