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Electronic bibliography index NEW RUSSIA (NOVAYA ROSSIYA) made up on the base of thematic card indexes on social and humanitarian sciences, which are being supported in SPSL SB RAS Branch since 1990. However, contrast to card indexes that based only on the Library own stocks, this electronic version contains references to various source entities, namely, daily browse of SPSL SB RAS mandatory copy and INION RAN data base.
Index purpose is to collect information on the wide range of contemporary Russia problems: in economics, social policy, law, science and so on. There referenced books acquired by the Branch and presented on Exhibition of recent acquisitions from SPSL SB RAS stocks, articles from periodic and continued publications, brochures, manuals, dissertation summaries and so on.
Index stuff is presented in subject-alphabetical order, and inside a special item in author and titles alphabet order. Subsequent to bibliography record call numbers of the SPSL SB RAS Branch are indicated in blue. Index updates regularly.
As a supplement to this index the bibliography of newspaper articles, independent of their availability in the Branch stocks, is to be created on similar items since 1993.


  Istoriya    Sotsiologiya
  Politika   Statistika
  Gosudarstvyennoye upravlyeniye. Armiya   Dyemografiya
  Pravo, yuridichyeskiye nauki
  • migratsiya
  • tyeoriya i istoriya
  Sotsial'naya politika
  • grazhdanskoye i torgovoye pravo
  • ugolovnoye pravo
  • finansovoye pravo
  • trudovoye pravo
  Ekonomika   Ekologiya

Index Contents Compiled by: Nataliya Uglitskikh, Olga Kokovkina, Serge Kann  


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