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   Russian Universal Libraries
   Russian scientific and technological libraries.
  • SPSL of Russia -- Foreign books (since 01.01.92 ), foreign periodicals (since  1993), Russian books (since  1993), Russian journals (since  1994), unpublished translations (since  1992). Capacity: 120  thousand of items at the end of 1997 , plus 2 thousand monthly. Separate catalogs of: recent acquisitions (weekly) and dissertation abstracts (since 01.10.91 ).

  • SPSL SB RAS (Novosibirsk) -- Russian and foreign books (in European languages), periodicals, materials of temporary storage, dissertation abstracts, articles on informatics and library science. More than 200 thousand of items since 1991. 

  • The Far-East SSL (Khabarovsk) -- Russian and foreign books, articles from journals and collection issues. More than 170 thousand of items (at September, 24, 1997).  EC exists since 1995. There is more deep retrospect in some thematic collections (regional ethnography, technical, musical, foreign literature, rare books). Access to the catalog - partially paid: 20 first results free.

  • Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences (INION) -- Since 23.02.98 . Access to 1,2 mln. items of Russian and foreign books and articles in all branches of social and humanitarian sciences. Including the acquisitions of 1993-1995 . (ab. 240 thousand of items) and 1996-1998.  (ab. 230 thousand, with monthly supplement).

  • Nizhegorodskaya Regional Scientific Library -- Russian and foreign books since 1991-92.  Advanced search (publishing data, key words, language, ISBN, DDC и and LBC indexes).

  • Novosibirsk Regional Scientific Library --Russian and foreign books, collection issues, booklets, dissertation abstracts since 1960-90 and earlier. Search by author (co-authors) and titles.

  • The Branch of SPSL SB RAS (Novosibirsk) -- Russian and foreign books (150 thousand of items), supplied to the funds of SPSL SB RAS since 1991,  Russian and foreign journals since 1995 (3 thousand of items), dissertation abstracts (56 thousand of items). Search by key words. Second version of the catalog offers advanced search, but works slower.

  • Samarskaya Regional Scientific Library --Russian and foreign books (about 100.000 items).

  • Chelyabinskaya Regional Universal Scientific Library -- Acquisitions of Russian books since 1994  (about 30.000 items). Search by author, title, key word.
   Libraries of Higher Education Institutions of Russia.
   Russian Branch Libraries.
  • State Central Scientific Medical Library - OPAC-R -- DB is created in 1988  and includes the all book resources of the library; nowadays only part of items available (no articles): dissertations, abstracts, manuscripts, translations, Russian and foreign books, collection issues and materials of conferences. All fields of medicine and allied branches of biology, biophysics, biochemistry, psychology, veterinary etc. are included. The items are available in shortened or full formats. Registration and obtaining of personal ID is necessary.

  • Central Branch Library in Physical Culture and Sport of RF


   Countries of the former USSR.

  • British Library: OPAC-97 -- Search in the collections of British Library, opened for public use. Since 1975 - scientific, technological, business, social and humanitarian literature, reference books. Since 1980 - music literature. The world biggest collection of periodicals and continued editions (since 1700 ), reports, works of the conferences (since 1800 ).

  • OhioLINK Central Catalog (USA) -- Catalog of the world greatest library system, uniting hundreds of libraries of universities, colleges, etc. Search by author, title, subject rubric (including special medical rubrics), key words, ISBN, ISSN indexes, etc. Option of search restriction. Books, periodicals, article lists of collection issues in dozen of languages. Retrospection - up to XVIIIth century.

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